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December Global Giving Campaign

For those of you who follow our blog, you know that October has been a busy month in Liberia for everyday gandhis. We are currently supporting a dozen clinics in Monrovia and Voinjama and two private nurses treating from their homes, supplying them with infrared thermometers, sanitation supplies and surgical gloves. We will be adding four more clinics in early November as well as continuing to supply sanitation materials to ten public restrooms in crowded Monrovia neighborhoods. This means that people can get treated locally for non-Ebola illnesses, thus preventing exposure to Ebola and freeing beds in treatment centers, while building health and resilience. Check out previous posts for deta

FGP Ezekiel Mavalo Accepted to Kent State University

We are pleased to announce that our Future Guardian of Peace, Ezekiel Mavalo, was accepted at Kent State University's pre-med program. Ezekiel has been with everyday gandhis since 2004 and is one of the young men featured in the documentary film THE FIGHT TO FORGIVE. Coming from a family of traditional healers, Ezekiel has combined the knowledge gained from his grandparents, with the skills he picked up watching medics tend to combat wounds during the war. As a result, he has become a gifted, and skilled healer himself working as first aid personal for the Future Guardians of Peace Soccer Club, as well as helping to conduct community workshops on the topics of anger, self-esteem and conflict

October Ebola Field Reports

October has been a busy month for everyday gandhis as we continue our support for neighborhood clinics and local communities in Liberia. This has meant the distribution of aforementioned medical and sanitation supplies as well as raising awareness about Ebola and its prevention. Below are a series of recent reports detailing our efforts thusfar from Mulbah Richards, Lasana Kamara, Ezekiel Mavalo and the rest of our Future Guardians of Peace! Ebola Awareness in October 2014 On October 10, 2014, the FGPs received the amount of five hundred USD to donate to Ebola preventive materials such as chloride, tide-soap, and fossil buckets. Several items were taken off to be shared with our neighbors wh

Teambuilding and Ebola Awareness with our Future Guardians of Peace

everyday gandhis Future Guardians of Peace have been hard at work assisting with Ebola awareness efforts in Monrovia, Liberia. Most recently, FGP Ezekiel Mavalo reports of an informative discussion with a local youth leadership organization. Ezekiel reports: A couple of days ago, I received a phone called from a strange number. I answered the call and heard the familiar voice of an old friend, James Kullie. He wanted the FGP to facilitate a discussion with the NTYAAE organization on Teambuilding and Ebola awareness. NTYAAE is a newly formed youth organization with the goal of safeguarding their community from the Ebola disease. We were thrilled to hear that such a group wanted to collaborate

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