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Traditional Knowledge & Practices

The eg Culture Troupe came into being during the early days of the FGP’s healing process, as a way of reconnecting them with traditional culture and as an experience in creating beauty and joy. The Culture Troupe now plays a key role at all our local and cross-border Soccer Peace Games and Community Reconciliation Councils. In December, they even had a chance to perform for Liberia’s Vice President, Hon. Joseph Boakai!


The Culture Troupe is intended to reconnect ex-combatant, war-affected and post-war youth with their traditional culture. One of the most devastating casualties of the war was the loss of connection with traditional knowledge and practices, resulting in a loss of identity for post-war youth. This has also been a source of deep sadness and despair for the elders. The eg Culture Troupe is, for many war affected youths, their first experience with traditional drumming, dancing and music!


A self-selected group of ex-combatants in villages where the Mobile Peace Teams are working, both men and women, have begun studying with eg’s Culture Troupe trainers, Orando Sokar and Ceyeazea. The unexpected benefit of this program is that it is bringing the disenfranchised, alienated youth and the elders back together.


Please consider donating to help purchase badly needed dance costumes and traditional instruments – and help our Culture Troupe members with school fees and permaculture training as well.




Monthly Operations Fees - $550 per month

Transportation ( to visit villages for peace games,
councils, training of ex-combatants, etc.):
Vehicle Rental & Gas; Instructor Stipend; Lodging


Traditional Attire & Instruments - $40 per month

Traditional attire and instrument are provided for the Culture Troupe

Monthly Operations Fees - $50 per month

Food for culture troupe kids during practice


Traditional Drums - $80 per drum (includes delivery)

Traditional drums are gifted to ex-combatants by the
Culture Troupe during their visits to other villages


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