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Cross-Border Community Peacekeeping

The Mobile Peace Teams bring together border communities in northwest Liberia to meet in traditional Councils to discuss peacebuilding and peacekeeping in many forms. The primary objective of the MPT’s is to bring everyone into the conversation, particularly unlettered women, elders and youth who are normally left out of such gatherings. We announce the gatherings by word of mouth and on UNMIL Radio and other local media. If necessary we provide transportation and translators. 

The larger Community Councils – especially the cross-border gatherings, include Soccer Peace Games featuring ex-combatants (mostly former child soldiers, both boys and girls) as well as performances of traditional singing, drumming, dancing and peace skits featuring the everyday gandhis Culture Troupe. The games are thoughtfully planned with carefully selected teams and coaches, ensuring balanced ethnic, religious and gender representation.  In collaboration with each community, the Mobile Peace Team Members engage the players and coaches in training and discussions related to peacebuilding, conflict resolution and mediation, teen pregnancy prevention, and HIV/AIDS and STD’s awareness.  These grassroots teams have a tangible, lasting impact on maintaining peace in this volatile sub-region.




We currently have three self-organized Mobile Peace Teams, one each in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Local eg staff based in Voinjama monitor and coordinate the teams.


OPERATIONS FEES - $350 PER MONTH For all 3 teams

Transportation: Vehicle Rental & Gas; Internet Access;
Generator Fuel & Upkeep; Community Field Supervisor(s);
Stipends; Motorbike transportation, internet access and phone cards



Soccer Balls, Kick Balls, Jerseys, Shoes, Bullhorn, etc.



In an area where food is still scarce, feeding all participants, elders, and spectators is important. Meals include rice, meat, and non-alcoholic drinks.



* Staying connected with each community is key. Our eg Mobile Peace Team staff stays in close contact with each individual, team and village via telephone and regular site visits. Several communities have requested Permaculture and Culture Troupe training, ongoing Councils and Traditional Ceremonies. In response, we facilitate planning and training, and conduct ongoing site-visits as well as cultivate leaders within each community who will be accountable for keeping communication going within the community and with eg staff. This helps to resolve issues as they arise and ensures ongoing maintenance of soccer equipment, farming implements, musical instruments and dance costumes.

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