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We seek to educate and inspire the public, supporting peace through sharing stories and experiences that illustrate fresh thinking, respect for traditional culture, restoration of nature, innovative media, and the importance of community storytelling.
  • Philosophy: What is needed - in Liberia and globally - is a viable, sustainable culture of peace that people at all levels of society can understand and be a part of, and that includes community reconciliation, trauma healing, ecological restoration, peace with the natural world, cultivation of future leaders, sustainable food sources, drought protection, revitalization of traditional cultures and preservation of the wild.  We seek to create a model of peacebuilding that replicates the function of natural systems in which there is a vital role for every living being, based on reciprocity and mutual accountability.  Since 2004, everyday gandhis has been working with traditional communities and former fighters in Voinjoma, Lofa County, beginning with the first traditional post-war mourning feasts, bringing dramatic, self-organized reconciliation among over 5,000 participants  


  • Our Role: The peacebuilder, as we understand it, is the inside-outsider who, by tending to that role, catalyzes the wisdom of an individual or community to restore its intrinsically sustainable authentic nature.


  • Practice:

    • To recognize ourselves as the ancestors of the future

    • To entrust ourselves with the task of ensuring a
      habitable future for all beings

    • To dance with joy and gratitude between periphery and center; community and solitude; context and specifics; deep time
      and the present moment; motion and stillness

    • To be rigorous in meeting challenges and possibilities

    • To hold ourselves and each other accountable
      for being in alignment with these principles

    • To remember that healing and peacemaking
      are one and the same


  • Tools:

    • Recognizing, tracking and cultivating constant awareness
      of the fields of interlocking stories

    • Being in dialogue with the natural world

    • Appreciating the wisdom of the breakdown

    • Seeking and trusting guidance from dreams,
      divinations and synchronicities

    • Practicing the ways of council

    • Experiencing unexpected encounters as
      signposts and sources of nourishment

    • Living in reciprocity with Earth's intelligence such that
      our way of being is the offering we make in response

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