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The everyday gandhis (eg) team Voinjama harvested few bays of cassava and distributed to the elderly, pregnant women, disable (elephantiasis and others), and needed people, including children. This came as a coincidence with food shortage nationwide, past and present governments of Liberia have never been able to put into use the fertile soil and feed its people. However, every year, our harvest is more than the previous year, this enable us to reach out to more needed recipients.

As a result of high productivity on a small plot of land, many community members are signing up for PC training in order to grow their own food. We believe that teaching such environmentally friendly farming will save forests and trees, and at the same time fight hunger, therefore restoring climate change.

On the other hand, eg provided/donated chairs to the eg peacebuilding palaver hut, the community highly appreciate the donation with love. A cup of paint was also given as well.


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