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everyday gandhis Reforestations

July 13, 2023

everyday gandhis Reforestation Tree Planting Efforts in Malamai, Mendikorma and Koindu, Sierra Leone.

By the everyday gandhis (eg) Liberia Team

Reforestation is essential for reducing biodiversity loss, providing animal habitat, saving water sources from drying out, and mitigating the overall impacts of climate change on humans and nature. Planting trees in deforested areas increases the mutual benefits of the coexistence of humans and nature.

Increased living costs in Liberia leave nature vulnerable at the teeth of an axis, cutlasses, and fire gun (for hunting), thereby destroying the natural world that often goes unnoticed, leaving behind a trademark of forest turn savanna! To reverse the catastrophe results in the future ahead, our resilience team, on a campaign with the slogan 'Let’s go green!', is engaging local communities at every level (government officials, local leaders, men and women, and the youth) highlighting basic needs of plants in our environment, some of which include windbreak, recreational parks, and beautification of public spaces. As we are in the rainy season, the best time to plant trees, the team has tirelessly worked planting trees in towns and villages in Lofa County and then to Koindu in Sierra Leone and Norgowa in Guinea.

Each year, our target is driven by the participating communities' demand; we have planted more than one thousand eight hundred trees (1,800). As usual, we do not plant one variety of trees. Therefore, we have planted forest and food trees, including guava, cashew, mango, bazzies (yellow wood), cotton tree, orange tree, and Christmas tree. Eight hundred-fifty trees (850) have been planted on three (3) hectares in Mendikorma, a bordering town between Liberia and Sierra Leone. The land is offered to everyday gandhis by the locals to reclaim the lost forest from a savanna to a food forest. The team spent two days in Mendikorma laying out and planting 10 feet apart to create a canopy of food forest for the surrounding communities. After the planting exercise, a few team members traveled to Koindu, Sierra Leone, to plant 350 trees on a savanna land offered to eg.

Unfortunately, we had to change our work schedule to Nogorwa Guinea due to the border closing as Sierra Leone was having elections and the overflooding river caused by a heavy downpour of rain. People were advised not to try crossing the river with a canoe as it is risky. Nevertheless, we are in constant contact with our focal person, Mr. Allaye, who assured us of making all the necessary arrangements for the planting as soon as the borders are reopened.

Also, six hundred trees were planted in Malamai, a village located a few kilometers from eg head office.

Finally, it is always thrilling to plant 1,800 trees on the surface of Mother Earth; we will continue to persevere in our fight against global warming and climate change. On the other hand, as we are engaged with many communities, we exchange values and build a strong tide. This helps fast spread our goals of saving the planet from biodiversity loss. Not only that, but it also provides food from the food forest.


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