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Cross Border Tree Planting

August, 2022

Report by

Mulbah Richards

As everyday gandhis (eg) remains committed to the reversion of the Earth climate change and global warming, on the 28th of July, the eg team traveled from Voinjama City, north of Liberia, through Kolahun to Foya to meet Flomo and George (eg focal persons in Foya) to start the eg ‘go green’ local regional initiative program. With no hesitation, the two men joint the team and we headed to the nursery sit to collect trees for planting in Mendikoma, the last town from Liberia to Sierra Leone. On our way from Foya to Mendikoma, we had a breakdown and spent couple of time there, after partially resolving the issue, we finally reached to Mendikoma.

In Mendikoma, we met with the town chief, Manasaye Tamba, he and his town people offer eg a vast beautiful land for reforestation, the land is situated right on the border with Sierra Leone. Immediately, 165 trees were planted as an initial start for the ongoing climate change battle. In fact, the immigration officer, Saah Lai, took us to their office and planted several dozens of trees around, especially orange trees.

About 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm, we drove from Mendikoma to Quando, Sierra Leone. On our way, we had another breakdown that delay us an hour. We arrived in Quando about 6-7 pm, In Quando, Orae James, eg focal person, introduced our team to the town people. After then, we met the leadership (town chief-Stephen Foday, elders, women, the men, and the youth) and discussed our interest concerning reforestation and the possibilities. We slept and early the next morning, we headed to the nursery site, while on the site, Mr. Stephen Foday and his community offer eg a large savanna land to develop into a forest, the land is located about 15 minutes drive away from Quando, from the top of a hill in the land offered, you can see towns in Guinea. Again, with no delay, we planted 150 trees as a start, we are going to plant all the trees we have on nursery there and from Foya. The land is estimated to take up to 2000 trees. Locals from surrounding villages turned up and were provided knowledge on how to plant and maintain trees even in a harsh environment.

By 4:30-5:00 pm, we headed to Nongoa, Guinea. Unfortunately, we couldn’t continue with the vehicle, therefore, we left it in Quando and crossed the Minor River Union using a feri, it was scaring for some of our team members to do. At the river side, eg contact person, Fayia Yilla in Guinea, was already awaiting the eg team. Upon crossing the river into Guinea, he took us to the military, in Guinea, the military has absolute power. We met captain Lassana Dlovmessy, a nice and friendly looking guy, their guest house was provided us, even though we paid, with security.

In the evening, message was sent to every near by towns and villages were informed about the program on a local radio station. Broadcast was made in all local vernaculars to stand for equality of every tribe and peace in general. We slept and kickoff the next morning with a lot of interactions and discussions about the importance of trees in our environment, method of planting and maintenance. The military, Christian, Muslim, traditional group, elders, the youth, the superintendent, and the locals were highly enthusiastic about such program. The military and other participants carried 150 trees home and 98 was planted by the eg team. The military planted more than 4 dozen of trees in their new barrack with a request of 500 tree more. 44 trees were planted on an Islamic school campus, The university chancellor showed us around the university campus sites to plant.


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