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everyday gandhis needs your help now more than ever as the Ebola Virus continues to spread across Liberia and West Africa. Our organization has been particularly hard hit during the crisis, with our operations focused in the most vulnerable region of the outbreak. In an effort to assist with the spread and mitigation of this deadly disease, our cross-border Mobile Peace Teams have been hard at work raising Ebola awareness with a focus on preventative measures and appropriate community entry tactics. Our most salient effort thus far has been the distribution of several sanitation buckets to surrounding villages. As the epidemic is posed to worsen and the international response has been minima

Liberia Ebola Situation Reports

As the Ebola epidemic in Liberia continues to intensify, SitRep updates are pouring in from our eg Liberia team. Below are highlights from reports 91 and 92 by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare supplied by William Saa and Dara Lipton. As of August 16th, 2014, the death toll throughout West Africa has passed the 1200 mark. FGP Lassana Kanneh has also been keeping us up to date with several articles profiling the dire situation in the capital city of Monrovia. The latest article reports that today, attempt to curtail the spread of Ebola throughout Liberia and parts of West Africa have gone dangerously wrong. Citizens in vulnerable and infected neighborhoods are reacting to government-s

eg Ebola Field Report

Lasana Kamara, our Project Coordinator in Liberia has sent us a field report detailing eg's first hand account of the Ebola crisis, including our ongoing work with several communities in Lofa County. Kamara reports: The involvement of everyday gandhis in the Ebola awareness program began in early June, 2014, when we heard that the spread of a deadly Ebola outbreak was intensified in Foya region, Lofa County. Lofa County being the base of EG and realizing that our work links with traditional culture, reconciliation and ecologic restoration in the communities, we recommended to our Mother, Cynthia Travis, president and founder of everyday gandhis, that she allow us to participate in the Ebola

Ebola letter from Liberia

As we await field reports from our own Liberian staff, here is a letter by B.D Colen and Michael Weah shared by our good friend, William Saa. It raises important questions about the international response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa. At this moment hospitals and clinics are understaffed, and undersupplied. Most face an alarming lack of food and liquids, with reports of victims recieving a single meal and a small amount of liquid each day. Furthermore, hospitals lack the neccessary equipment to curb the spread of the disease such as protective garbs, rubber gloves, and masks. Morgues are overloaded, and proper disposal of infected bodies is becoming increasingly difficult. Finally, as

Ebola Virus Epidemic Update

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa continues to worsen, with cases now evident in six countries, three of which are being treated on our own shores. As of August 4th, the cumulative number of deaths from Ebola in West Africa jumps to 887. As we struggle to continue our work, and the livelihoods of our everyday gandhis family in Liberia, we felt the need to begin the launch of our new website with a long overdue update on this increasingly dire situation from the epicenter of this disastrous outbreak. In Liberia suspected, probable and confirmed Ebola cases reported thus far stand at 508, reflecting an addition of 37 cases between 2 and 4 August. The total number of suspected, probable and con

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