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Liberia Ebola Situation Reports

As the Ebola epidemic in Liberia continues to intensify, SitRep updates are pouring in from our eg Liberia team. Below are highlights from reports 91 and 92 by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare supplied by William Saa and Dara Lipton. As of August 16th, 2014, the death toll throughout West Africa has passed the 1200 mark.

FGP Lassana Kanneh has also been keeping us up to date with several articles profiling the dire situation in the capital city of Monrovia.

The latest article reports that today, attempt to curtail the spread of Ebola throughout Liberia and parts of West Africa have gone dangerously wrong. Citizens in vulnerable and infected neighborhoods are reacting to government-sanctioned barricades and quarantine zones with force. Attacking soldiers and looting Ebola centers with infected and suspected patients, the risk that Ebola will spread quickly and the increasing difficulties of containing it are becoming clearer each day.

As a people act out of understandable fear and uncertainty, time will only tell how this epidemic will end. As always, our heart goes out to our family in Liberia. May you stay safe, healthy and find ways to assist the many challenges this epidemic poses.

PHOTO [NY Times]

-Jenna Hammerlag, Media Coordinator, everyday gandhis

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