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Teambuilding and Ebola Awareness with our Future Guardians of Peace

everyday gandhis Future Guardians of Peace have been hard at work assisting with Ebola awareness efforts in Monrovia, Liberia. Most recently, FGP Ezekiel Mavalo reports of an informative discussion with a local youth leadership organization.

Ezekiel reports:

A couple of days ago, I received a phone called from a strange number. I answered the call and heard the familiar voice of an old friend, James Kullie. He wanted the FGP to facilitate a discussion with the NTYAAE organization on Teambuilding and Ebola awareness. NTYAAE is a newly formed youth organization with the goal of safeguarding their community from the Ebola disease. We were thrilled to hear that such a group wanted to collaborate with us. We agreed to meet with the organization on September 27, 2014 to discuss their selected topics.

At the meeting site, there were twenty to twenty-five participants both boys and girls, and we tried as best as possible to avoid direct physical contact amongst us. We began with the topic of teambuilding since they are a newly formed organization. In our discussion, we discussed the definition of TEAM (Togetherness will Enable us to Achieve More), the importance of teambuilding, the team dynamic and its goals, and the leadership abilities we each possessed.

To keep the topic of Ebola on their minds as we departed to our various homes, we discussed Ebola and its preventive methods last. Concerning Ebola awareness, we discussed the history, cause, spread, preventive methods and the chances of surviving the virus. This discussion included the need for basic sanitation materials to limit our exposure to contaminated bodily fluids.

We the FGPs are kindly requesting support from everyday gandhis to purchase materials such as buckets, chloride, dettol, tide-soap and hand soap to these young people who want to keep their community free from the Ebola disease.

-Ezekiel Mavalo, FGP, everyday gandhis

Screenshot 2015-02-13 10.49.04.png
Screenshot 2015-02-13 10.49.07.png

We thank Ezekiel for his report and all FGP and NTYAAE members for participating in this most important conversation. As we increase our fundraising efforts throughout this crisis, we will most certainly respond to the additional needs of this community, amongst others.

-Jenna Hammerlag, Media Coordinator, everyday gandhis

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