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Fall Medical and Sanitation Supply

We have made a significant progress over the past three months supplying neighborhood clinics, schools and public restrooms with medical and sanitation supplies. In the process, everyday gandhis gained recognition and praise from the UN, the County Health Team and the communities where health workers and NGOs were driven out. Community members welcomed and listened deeply as we educated them on the spread of Ebola and its prevention, while providing them with hygiene materials and instruction on their proper use. This will prove especially important in light of recent cases.

We focused our November resupply on the most vulnerable clinics, as well as serviced new facilities that were closed due to a lack of medical drugs. Namely, our donations to Kortuma, Jarmulour and Fassawolo clinics enabled doctors and nurses to resume safe services to their communities. In addition, our Future Guardians of Peace and Mobile Peace Teams re-visited those clinics and latrines in Voinjama expressing needs. Amongst those affected were Sarkonedu Clinic, Barkedu Clinic, Zenalormai Clinic, John’s Town Clinic, Korwuline Private Clinic, Jugbodu Private Clinic, Voinjama Central Market latrine and Voinjama Central Mosque latrine. Below are brief sentiments from these visits provided by our team in Liberia.


Sarkonedu: The first community we visited was Sarkonedu. The head nurse (OIC), Madam Mafata Duno and her staff were excited and appreciative for the materials, as we have remained the only NGO to offer any assistance and supplies. After the clinic donations, we visited Sarkonedu Public School and Salayea High School to replenish their sanitation materials to keep students stay protected there. They shared in similar gratitude.

Jarmulour: The Jarmulour Clinic is one of the most vulnerable in Quardu Gboni District. The OIC there expressed his appreciation to everyday gandhis for their continued support and for saving the lives of the people of Jarmulour community. He said during the heart of the Ebola crisis, their health center was closed due to lack of adequate protection and medical drugs to treat non-Ebola patients, namely pregnant woman and those with Malaria and HIV. Thanks to eg, they have been able to resume their services.

Barkedu: The OIC at the Barkedu Neighborhood Clinic is Sovester Domba who has been serving the clinic for years. He extended thanks and appreciation to the everyday gandhis family for their support since the outbreak of Ebola and up to the present. He said eg’s past donations to the clinic made a significant impact to Barkedu community. Furthermore, we visited the Barkedu Public School to re-fill their hand washing materials.

Zenalormai: The OIC for Zenalormai Clinic, Peter F. Kolubah and his staff were so happy for the donation, especially the support to the Malware section, which was their main constraint. He was pleased that all materials listed for the clinic were available and that they would prove a meaningful contribution to Zenalormai Community.

John’s Town: Augustin T. Colegwor, the OIC for John’s Town Clinic gave his praises to eg for their past and present donations. He said the donations to their clinic have been very timely as they suffer consistently from a lack of drugs to cater to the needs of the community. Finally, we visited John’s Town Public School with sanitation buckets and other hygiene materials.

Korwuline: The owner of the Korwuline Private Clinic is Lasana Kromah. He said the Korwuline Community was the most affected among others in Voinjama. According to Mr. Kromah, he decided to open the clinic to help the community and its people suffering from non-Ebola ailments. He said eg’s supply of medical drugs have encouraged and strengthened his clinic and enabled him to become of better service to the community. Before leaving Korwuline, we delivered hand-washing materials to the Community School there. The students and teachers were thrilled to receive the supplies.

Jugbodu: Vamuyan Fofana is head of the Jugbodu Private Clinic in Jugbodu community, located on Selega highway. Fofana said his clinic was opened when the Ebola crisis was calming down. He decided to open the private clinic based on the recommendation by Jugbodu community and that this was the first time an NGO had offered such help.

Voinjama Central Market latrine: The supervisor for Voinjama Central market is Momo Konneh. He gave endless love and appreciation to eg for thinking about their institution and its people. He said supplying them with such materials would help to improve the sanitation of the market.

Voinjama Central Mosque latrine: The Iman for the central mosque, Olman Mamadee received the sanitation materials. He extended thanks to eg for the donation and promised to deliver the materials to the Mosque and the community there. He gave his final prayers to the future of eg.

Several other clinics and schools will be targeted in our next round of supplies. In addition, our family in Liberia will continue to conduct follow up assessments with community leaders and beneficiaries to ensure that needs have been appropriately met and supplies properly used. As always, we thank you for your generous donations and continued support.

-Lasana Kamara, Field Coordinator, everyday gandhis, Liberia

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