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Social Media Toolkit for Ebola Match Campaign

For those following our recent posts, Ebola has officially returned to Liberia via a 17-year-old boy in Monrovia. Though the extent of its spread remains to be seen, it has reminded us that Ebola is not over and will continue to threaten the region. As a result, our generous partners at GlobalGiving will be hosting another donation match day to help distribute the rest of the Ebola project funds from the April campaign. There is $46,480 left in matching, but don’t hesitate as funds are guaranteed to go fast!

Details as follows:

  • All donations made @ beginning Wednesday July 15th, 2015 @ 9amEDT will be matched at 140%!

  • All remaining funds will be matched at 100% after the 15th.

OR help spread the word with our social media templates and photos below:

  • Ebola is not over and needs our immediate attention. All donations to everyday gandhis projects in Liberia on Wednesday July 15th, 2015 will be matched 140%--donate or share this post to spread the word @

  • Ebola returns to Liberia. Help us get back to zero cases and your donations will be matched at 140% beginning 9am, July 15th @

Email Template:

Dear [X],

I am writing on behalf of the nonprofit organization, everyday gandhis and their work fighting the Ebola epidemic in Liberia. Although the virus is out of the headlines, the crisis is far from over and ongoing support is needed now more than ever. As three new cases have emerged in Liberia in the past week, they are in dire need of funds to continue their work building community health and resilience.

Thanks to their generous partners at GlobalGiving, this coming Wednesday, July 15th, ALL donations to their Ebola related projects will be matched at 140%! If you are interested the details are as follows:

  • All donations made @ beginning Wednesday July 15th @ 9amEDT will be matched at 140%!

  • All donations after the 15th will be matched at 100% until funds are used up ($46,480 remain for matching on ALL Ebola projects on GlobalGiving).

For more information about the everyday gandhis project and to utilize this amazing opportunity, donate through their project page at For more details about the organization visit Be sure to follow their blog regarding all updates and field reports from Liberia. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact

Thank you for your time and generosity.



Recent photos from our Ebola related work for use:

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