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Phase Three Monrovia Resupply

Phase Three of our Ebola awareness and prevention work continued throughout those neighborhoods in Monrovia we have been supporting since the onset of the epidemic. Mulbah Richards and our Future Guardians of Peace were able to deliver badly needed medical and sanitation supplies to various schools, clinics and nurses in those districts in and around Monrovia. Richards reports:


It was a good idea to have another resupply on May 19-20 2015, to the five lucky clinics, three individuals, four public toilets and four schools in Monrovia. As usual, the materials included, chloride, chlorine, soap, detergent powder, spray cans, tissue, both surgical and examination gloves, antiseptic, aprons and PPE suit.

We started the supply at Faith Clinic. The head nurse there, Hattie B. Jacobs, gave a big thanks to eg for their persistent support and she also wanted the everyday gandhis family to know that we played a major role during the fight against the Ebola Virus. She asked that everyday gandhis continue the good work in Liberia because the clinics still need these protective materials to enable the staff to work safely in the Bassa Town Community.

To continue, we headed for Patience Medical Clinic in Red Hill Omega Community. At the clinic, Mrs. Krubo (head nurse) says, “I want to say many thanks and appreciations to everyday gandhis for being with us through the Ebola crisis. I also want for everyday gandhis to know that they were the bone behind the Ebola fight in our community and that they were the first to reach our aid.” She even went on to say that when Cynthia Travis comes to Liberia, she personally wants to meet her to say, “thank you, you are a true mother.”

At Robert Ferguson Clinic, the head nurse, Felecia Tulay said, “We want to say a big thanks and appreciation to Cynthia Travis, especially when there was no one to come to our aid as a nurse serving in this clinic, but she did. And she is still doing it. Therefore, the day she comes to Liberia we want to meet her and say thank you and remind her about the gift and her loving kindness.” She also said during the heat of the outbreak, they were sitting and confused because there were no protective materials to work with until everyday gandhis came in with their support.

Similar thanks and appreciation were given at the Stanko Clinic in the Chicken Soup Community, the Chocolate City Community Clinic, Suzan and Sunnie Memorial Clinic, individual nurses, schools and the four public toilets.

In my own personal view, everyone appreciates everyday gandhis for our tremendous support, which came when no one else did. It is because of this that I think they are always happy with us and embrace us with so much love and excitement.

-Mulbah Richards, Youth Coordinator, everyday gandhis, Liberia

Sanitation donations to Sorina Daycare & Preparatory School

Reviewing materials with a nurse at Chocolate City Community Clinic

Checking supplies at Patience Medical Clinic

Grateful nurses at Robert Ferguson Clinic

Stocking public restrooms in Monrovia slums

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