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Voinjama Resupply: February, 2016

Our February, 2016 resupply in Voinjama and its surrounding lasted for two days. The team members that participated were: Orando, Socker, Esther James, Boakai Kromah, Kollie Massaqui, Hawa Kamara, Ceyezea Kollie, Jallah Sawo, Saybah Kullie, Kpana Yennego,Ousuma Dukely, Esther Kpaku and William Bessa.

The everday gandhis team covered part of Voinjama and Quardu Gboni Districts where we visited four clinics, six schools and three latrines including: Bazakezal Clinic, Zenalormai Clinic, Barkedu Clinic, Jarmulor Clinic, Koma Day Care Community School, Japan Community School, Sudan School, Blonquandu Public School, Bitijama Public School, Voinjama Central Mosque latrine, Voinjama Central Market latrine, and the Telbomai latrine.

The communities were so excited to see everyday gandhis again with our third distribution of medical drugs and other hygiene materials for the protection against Ebola and other contagious diseases. The health workers, school authorities and community leaders appreciated the level of assistance given during, and after the Ebola crisis. They extended thanks to the founder and president of everyday gandhis, including the staff and team members for their hard work.

The head of the Voinjama Central Market, Madam Esther Woiwor and her staff expressed thanks and appreciation to eg for the meaningful contribution to the market over the past several months. She said, “Almighty God will continue to guard, bless and protect the organization.” She added, “everyday gandhis has been the only organization to continue rendering such services to the market in Voinjama.”

Elder, Mamadee Kamara, who gave testimony on behalf of the Muslims at the Voinjama Central Mosque, extended thanks and gratitude to eg founder and president, Cynthia Travis for thinking about the Muslims and the citizens of Lofa County. Mamadee said, “During the heart of Ebola crisis, everyday gandhis was the only organization that provided Ebola preventive materials and awareness to educate the communities on how to prevent and protect themselves against the spread of Ebola Virus.”

RM at the Zenalormai Clinic, Madam Nyan Gibangan was so excited when she saw the eg team at their health center. She gave heartfelt thanks to the eg team on behalf of the Zenalormai Clinic staff for the donation of medical drugs and others materials to support their clinic. She took us to the delivery room to see the supplies we gave them to demonstrate how useful they were to the Zenalormai community.

When we entered Jarmulor Clinic, it was a happy day for the OIC, Jartuma Kamara, the staff and the extended community. He said, “Thank you once again to the everyday gandhis organization for giving life to Jarmulor Community." The Jarmulor Clinic was completely closed during the Ebola crisis, and it was our donations that allowed them to reopen the clinic and treat patients.

We also visited Japan Community School for the first time, a heavily populated school in Voinjama. The principal, Mr. Kollie was very happy to receive the supply on behalf of the students and staff. He extended thanks to the eg family for thinking about their school. He stressed the administration of Japan Community School would remember our generosity and promised to use the materials for their intended purpose.

Blonquandu Public School, which we visited during our November supply, is located on the border of Guinea, about 4 miles away from Voinjama. The principal, Amadu said, “everyday gandhis has been very helpful to Blonquandu Community for providing hand washing materials to help protect the students and the community against Ebola and others communicable diseases. “

Our team was pleased to have been of service to surrounding communities once again, however we emphasized that we would not be able to keep them supplied much longer. With little funds for medical supplies left, our team communicated to our beneficiaries that our donations would soon end, and that they would need to seek other options to stay protected in the future. It is our hope that we will be able to find support from other NGO’s and governmental services, as well as help build alliances between schools, clinics and public restrooms so that they remain healthy and resilient to disease.

-Lasana Kamara, Field Coordinator, everyday gandhis, Liberia

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