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Voinjama Update Report

On November 20, 2020, everyday gandhis (eg) was officially invited to a traditional ceremony in Vilizeh, Voinjama district. I was able to represent eg and the women highly appreciated it. Moreover, eg was given a special welcoming remark by one of the women (Weedor Lovo); she said, "everyday gandhis is the only organization that has been promoting the tradition of the people of Lofa County and we highly appreciate it because our cultural values are being restored gradually, and peace and unity prevail." The program was so unique and lively, and the women had a vibrant cultural display.

They are planning another important ceremony this December in Lawalazu. The women's aim is to unite Lofa, Lorma, Mandingo, Kissi, and Gbandhi. They believe that once women take part in uniting people, peace and unity may come sooner rather than later. Traditional women from various tribes will all be sharing knowledge and culture.


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