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Meeting with Traditional Women of Lofa County

The team had a long meeting with the traditional women of Lofa County on Monday, February 15. We had a total of 65 women in attendance from the Lorma and Mandingo tribes headed by Ma. Domowah Saizia, (head of Lorma women) and Ma. Dolley (head of the Mardingo women). The meeting was held at a home in central Voinjama where the women regularly gather for meetings.

The meeting's purpose was to re-establish everyday gandhis relationship with them and inform them about the yearly office cleansing planned for early or mid-March. In the meeting, they extended their thanks and appreciation to the level of commitment eg has shown to promoting peace and tradition in Lofa. They assured us they work with us now and in the future.

Moreover, one of the women expressed her disappointment in their political leaders. She said they had brought division and disunity among the men and women of Voinjama, and that their husbands, sons, daughters, and brothers have allowed political leaders to divide them so much that they are no longer concerned about the county's peace and stability. However, now, the women have decided to stay together to form an even more robust alliance than before. They have decided to champion peace and disassociate themselves from any leaders who bring division among them.

Boakai assured them that they have eg’s full support and that they should continue to support peace in their homes, communities, and the county. Additionally, Mahawa informed them about our fruit forest project and said she would appreciate it if some women could join the team for the planting process. They were excited and embraced the offer wholeheartedly. After the meeting, some women traveled to Vazalah to cleanse some land given to them by the town chief. They planned to build their hut, where initiation will be done and where a new group of young girls and women will be hosted after initiation. Overall, it was a successful meeting and Boakai and Pa Jallah will continue to provide us updates on all activities.

Much Love,

The Voinjama Team


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