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GlobalGiving Ebola Grant

This just in---GlobalGiving awards everyday gandhis a $70,000 grant to continue its phase two Ebola prevention and recovery work! Our philanthropic partners have instilled their trust in us to preserve community cohesion, healing, and to provide long-term healthcare support to various communities in Liberia.

On May 10th, after 42 days since its last case, Liberia was reported Ebola free. In an effort to remain disease resilient, our proposed initiatives will tackle a variety of issues surrounding post Ebola healing and recovery including a continued supply of medical and sanitation materials to neighborhood clinics and public restrooms, community health workshops and regenerative ceremonies to increase resilience in vulnerable border regions, and ecological restoration and permaculture trainings to create more viable land management practices in avoiding future outbreaks.

We are thrilled to have found support for everyday gandhis most important role in fighting this terrible epidemic. Our family in Liberia remains hopeful that with these funds, and the continued support from local and international communities, that they will stay Ebola free while building a more stable and healthy future for themselves.

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