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Future Guardian of Peace &
Scholarship Student at William Booth High School

Morris has been with everyday gandhis since 2007, and was brought to us by fellow Future Guardian of Peace and friend, Akoi Mawolo. He is a member of the ‘original six’ and is featured in our newest documentary film, THE FIGHT TO FORGIVE: From Child Soldiers to Peacebuilders.


Morris is currently in eleventh grade at William Booth High School in Liberia. After graduation, he hopes to continue his education on the University Level. After college he would like to be able to continue peacebuilding work and render his passion into a career.


Mr. Kamara gives thanks to everyday gandhis for being his support and hope after his parents were killed in the war. He wants us all to know that most things good in his life are directly or indirectly because of everyday gandhis.

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