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Future Guardian of Peace & Scholarship Student
at Cuttington University, Liberia

Ezekiel Mavolo was brought to everyday gandhis shortly after his four years as a child soldier from 2000 to 2004. He is a member of the ‘original six’ and is one of the young men featured in our newest documentary film, THE FIGHT TO FORGIVE: From Child Soldiers to Peacebuilders.


Since his graduation from Ricks Institute in 2012, Ezekiel has been studying at Cuttington University in Liberia.  He is a sophomore and dreams of one day becoming a doctor.  Coming from a family of traditional healers, Ezekiel has combined the knowledge gained from his grandparents, with the skills he picked up watching medics tend to combat wounds during the war.


He has served as first aid personal for the Future Guardians of Peace Soccer Club, as well as helped to conduct community workshops on the topics of anger, self-esteem and conflict management. Dedicated, driven, and skilled in the art of healing, he is focused on his current and future pursuits as a student, medic and peacebuilder

"You need people to help you change, but change itself depends on you."

- Ezekiel Mavolo
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