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Future Guardian of Peace &
Scholarship Student at Cuttington University

Akoi has been with everyday gandhis since 2007, and was brought to us by his former general in the Civil War, General Leopard.  He is a member of the ‘original six’ and is featured in our newest documentary film, THE FIGHT TO FORGIVE: From Child Soldiers to Peacebuilders.  During the war, Akoi suffered severe head trauma by a rocket propelled grenade.  His chances of survival were slim, but the determination, love and strength that saved him once, are the same traits that will ensure he achieves whatever it is he dreams.


Mr. Mawolo is currently a freshman at Cuttington University in Liberia where he is working toward his BSC.  After graduation, he plans to work toward his Masters degree.  His most coveted ambition is to become ‘Peace Ambassador’ of Liberia.  He has found much strength and meaning in his work as a Future Guardian of Peace, and can’t imagine not continuing to dedicate himself to peacebuilding work. 


Akoi would like to thank everyday gandhis and supporters for many things, one of which is his most memorable experience to date – when he got to fly over to Tanzia, go on a safari, and see wild life with his naked eye.  He promises to never forget how meaningful that was for him.  He is appreciative of everyway this organization has touched his life, but most importantly, he is thankful for the opportunity to receive a full education.

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