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Ebola Awareness, March 2015

Our third round of Ebola awareness took place on March 18-24th, 2015. We were able to reach 4 clinics and 10 schools in Voinjama and Salayea Districts, Lofa County, Gbarnga, Bong County and Montserrado County. The results and gratitude shown by the affected communities was truly amazing.

I was astonished and excited that we were welcomed traditionally by the elders and women’s group with kola-nut and a rooster in one of the most vulnerable clinics in the Jarmulour community as an appreciation to everyday gandhis for thinking about their community. They were eager for supplies to help safe lives and to continue Ebola prevention in their village.

Medical drugs were donated to clinics that offered limited services in their respective communities due to a lack of supplies. This provided several with the opportunity to continue full medical services to local patients in need. Following clinic donations, we delivered sanitation or ICE materials to a list of previously identified, vulnerable schools to help encourage students to keep up with the Ebola preventative methods as they return to school for the first time in nine months.

Both health workers and the community were very happy for the donations. Nurses at some facilities expressed that the donation was timely and that the supplies would be used for their intended purposes. As for the schools, students were enthusiastic to receive hygenic materials at the renewal of the long awaited school year. Several flocked to greet us, as seen in the photos below.

We thank you for supporting our efforts and we look forward to continuing our supply of local clinics and public restrooms throughout 2015.

-Lasana Kamara, Field Coordinator, everyday gandhis Liberia

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