JANUARY 3, 2014 

THE FIGHT TO FORGIVE SCREENING in Mendocino, CA.  Hosted by the Matheson Performing Arts Center.  For more information, please contact


NOVEMBER 22, 2013 

THE FIGHT TO FORGIVE screening hosted by Foothill College.  
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OCTOBER 2, 2013 

THE FIGHT TO FORGIVE screening hosted by Global Neighborhood Fund
in Santa Barbara (Invitation Only).


AUGUST 13, 2013 

THE FIGHT TO FORGIVE screening in Los Angeles hosted by the LAWAC. 


JUNE 7, 2013 

THE FIGHT TO FORGIVE screening event and discussion at the University of California, Santa Barbara in collaboration with the Universal Peace Organization.


MAY 31, 2013 

Our San Francisco Film Premiere Event of THE FIGHT TO FORGIVE, including Q & A with director, Cynthia Travis, and with two young men featured in the film. Delancey Street Screening Room


MARCH 29, 2013 

THE FIGHT TO FORGIVE screening and Q and A with Cynthia Travis, and two of the young men profiled in the film, Ezekiel Mavolo and Varlee Sheriff in Los Angeles, CA.



'House Party' Screenings 

THE FIGHT TO FORGIVE holds an immense power to educate, inspire, and transform.  The film offers viewers an intimate lens to explore themes of forgiveness and healing.  Our goal in the grassroots screening campaign is to use these stories to help awaken the peacebuilding impulses and lessons that rest in the facets of everyday life.  With your help, we are carrying the peacebuilding conversation—a conversation that started in rural Liberia in 2005—into your community and communities across the globe.


As we watch Akoi, Ezekiel, Mohammed, Morris, and Varlee emerge from their isolation and trauma as ex-combatants and claim a new peacemaker identity, we learn a central lesson of peacebuilding:  healing takes hard work and is deeply empowered by an open group exchange of thoughts and feelings. In this spirit, the “house-party” concept shares the same values as the success stories documented in the film. Small group discussion and deeply personal encounters lay the groundwork for individual introspection and community transformation.


House Party hosts are provided with a “Screening Kit” that will help foster an inspiring and interesting evening for guest viewers. Kit contents include:
  • A screening copy of THE FIGHT TO FORGIVE: From Child Soldier to Peacebuilders

  • Discussion questions to help direct a meaningful conversation after the film

  • A stack of film brochures

  • Copies of our newsletter

  • A guest sign-in sheet

  • A complimentary Future Guardians of Peace T-Shirt or Tote Bag


For more information on hosting a screening, please contact:

Cynthia Travis at